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At Honey Films we are committed to telling your most beautiful day genuinely, capturing the natural and spontaneous feelings of your gestures and emotions, carefully respecting your spaces.

We have a documentarian approach when shooting and an authorial attitude when editing your film, so to create a unique and personal piece of work, something truly yours. To us each couple is special in its diversity and story, your film will be too.

Among the videos shown on the page you’ll see different styles. They’re there for you to pick your favourite. Of course, we’re happy to suggest different options, tailored to your needs and taste.

We are a group of young filmmakers who share their passion for arts, photography and movies.

Some of our short films have been praised and awarded at major international film festivals like Venice, Turin and Cannes.


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We shoot in full hd and 4K. We use professional equipment for both sound and video recording, ensuring the highest quality for your images even at night. We handle all cinematographic techniques, i.e. slow-motion, that will make your film magical. 


We generally follow each wedding with a crew of two people who will record the whole ceremony, till the last cheer.

Upon request we can also arrange shootings before the wedding day and set up interviews.


You will receive a film ranging from 5 to 20 minutes in length, depending on your wishes. You can also choose to get two versions of your film, a short and a long one. We will then put the videos on DVDs or USB keys.


We operate nationwide, as well as easily arranging shootings abroad. We look forward to working on all kinds of ceremonies and religions.


Get in touch to get your free quote. Write or Skype.


Write to us to get your quote or just ask any information you may want to know. Drop us an email or fill in the form on your right. If you want to know us come by our office or chat with us on Skype.

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